Best airport-need shuttle

Well the outbound Montrose tickets are $$$$$ is there a better option with a shuttle from Telluride to nearby airport fly out from? We have everything covered to fly in. Thinking Cortez? Any tips would be appreciated.

Hopefully someone can answer with firsthand knowledge - but in the meantime, I did see a lot of airport information listed on Planet Bluegrass’ website! I think it was under a page called “How to get here” or something…

Shuttle service to Montrose is the most developed. You can call Telluride Express and see if they’ll take you to Durango (2 hrs), Cortez (1.5 hrs) or Grand Junction (2 hrs) airports. This is outside of their usual service though, so be prepared if it is crazy expensive. Also look at Telluride to Denver tickets as they can be surprisingly cheap at times, especially if a one way flight.