Bela Fleck - Throw Down Your Heart: Part 2

Not sure if you guys know about this, but Bela just released disk 2 of the Africa sessions. Do yourself a favor and pick it up! Fantastic material, its hard to believe these are the “B-Side” tracks.

I’m all for the download stuff but I want to hold it in my hot little hands!

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Béla is performing in Fort Collins tonight at The Aggie Theatre. I live around the corner. Let me try and say hello for everyone here at Planet Bluegrass and the TBF community. Thanks for sharing.

I’ll be seeing Bela and friends in GJ on Saturday. You don’t know …

It was a wonderful show

Tommy got yo go last night. I couldn’t make it. Waiting to hear from Tom on how it was. Still got McMurtry in Paonia on the 25th! Jonesing for some live music!
Jailhouse Rob :thumbsup