Bela Fleck Duos with Friends (parenthetical set list--help!)

Bela Fleck–Duos with Friends
Telluride Bluegrass Festival
June 20, 2008

(Bela solo)
(new instrumental) with Bryan Sutton
Bye Bye Blackbird with Noam Pikelney
(banjer-fiddle) with Sam Bush
(banjer-fiddle) with Sam Bush
(“That Song We Rehearsed”) with Edgar Meyer
(Tanzanian Tune and a couple African-Influenced Tunes, solo)
(“A Little Bit Funky, A Little Bit Blue”) with Jerry Douglas
Another Morning with Jerry Douglas
What are They Doing In Heaven? with Abigail Washburn
Keys To The Kingdom with Abigail Washburn
(Improvisation) with Chris Thile
(waterfall instrumental?) with Chris Thile
Duet with Edgar Meyer and Chris Thile

(I obviously need lots of help with the uncofirmed titles in parentheses. I know some of these, I just have to find the song in the archives and match the title. Instrumentals are hard. I haven’t found an engine to search by banjo rolls the way you can search by song lyrics. I’ll keep working on it, but if you can help with titles, please post!)

Is this on or somewhere I can listen and take some guesses on the unknowns?

Not yet, as far as I know, but it will be coming.

In the meantime, the first banjo solo goes, “de de de de da da di di da,” and it has a “bum-tiddy, bum-tiddy, bum-tiddy” motif that comes and goes.

The first fiddle-banjo duet goes, “wah deedle, wah deedle, doodle doodle de, deedle wah, deedle wah, deedle wee.”