Before you post your pictures please READ HERE!

Please try to post your pictures under the appropriate category.
If your picture does not relate to any of the topics, please start a new one.

Thanks. :thumbsup

Thanks Tom. :cheers

I have some great pics and a silly question: how do I post/attach pics?

I sent you a PM to explain it, but you can also find the question in the FAQ at the very top of the main page. Hope it helps. :flower

Hey Tom, I tried to post some pics but they are too large. How do I make the photos smaller so I can upload them? It says you can only load 150kb and my pics range from 450 kb to 511 kb. Thanks for the helpl Teresa :huh

You’ll have to use a photo editing program to reduce the physical size of the picture. For example, if your picture is 1024 X 768 pixels try reducing it to 800 X 600 or 640 X 480. Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro are a couple of them. :cheers

If you have Microsoft you can open the picture in Paint (All Programs- Accessories-Paint) and then reduce the size by going to “image” on the toolbar and then “stretch or skew” and then for the percentages for horizontal and vertical you put what you want. I find that 25% works well. Save to your computer and it is now ready to upload

Teresa to Teresa. Cool.

You can also use a service like and upload your photos there. Just create a profile, and start uploading.

Once you get pictures uploaded, it will display a link to your pictures below them. Copy that link, and press the little picture icon above the waving smiley here on the forum when posting.

Paste the url you copied from photobucket, and wa-la! Your picture is here! (photobucket usually resizes photos automatically…I think)

A good free one is Paint.NET. Much better than M$ Paint program.