BEFORE I leave for TBF I promise to........

…listen to at least one “Listening to” selection that someone posts each day.

get some sleep :zzz, because it sounds like I might need to have some banked up

get used to having some water between beers! :cheers

Study everyones picture from the forum to see if I can put a name with a face once we meet you all.

How about some environmentally conscious actions :thumbsup :

  • turn my heating/ air conditioning down at my home
  • turn off unnecessary lights at my home
  • unplug any appliances in order to not draw unnecessary power

what else? :8

Guess I should put my real picture up then :lol

Pack reuseable cups, plates, cloth napkins,utensels :flower and don’t forget yer squirt gun :evil

save up quarters for the shower.
make a list, check it twice.
get my music ready for the road trip.
be in a FESTIVAAALLLLL!!! state of mind. (Shouldn’t be too hard, I’m pretty much there. Makes it hard to work.)

remove packaging from items bought before leaving and dispose of them at home, not at the festival.
work on my compostable v. recyclable detector skills.

Nice…I like it. :medal

Sweet… Wayta make my job easier!! (compost crew here!)

quarters for the shower??? This is my first time at the festival…guess that makes me a festivirgin :wave

How much shower time does each quarter provide?


Looking forward to meeting you all!!


8 quarters = 5 minutes of hot water.

All the COLD water you can handle! Remember, this is snow melt water… very cold!

Paint a cross on my ass so it can be kicked accurately…

Now there’s a vision I did NOT need! :lol :lol :lol

I’ll be practicing my rugby " up and under"! Could you use a little paint that glows in the dark for the camp tripping to picking tents? :evil

Oval is the right shape for balls :eek

What Auntie Hope really means is 5 minutes if you are lucky, the stars have all aligned and there aren’t too many people in the bathroom flushing loos at the same time. Shower timing is a practised art of both when and how. It will freeze your brain if you run out and still have shampoo to rinse out. Start at the top. :slight_smile:

Yup! That’s exactly what I meant! :lol

Thanks Kym! :thumbsup