Beer Tent Questions

  1. What brands of beer are available at the beer tent inside the festival?
  2. How big are they?
  3. How much do they cost?
  1. It’s all New Belgium Brewery beers.
  2. I think they are 12 oz cups??? Cups are reusable and collectable. Just like 7-11 Slurpy cups.
  3. I think they are $6 without a cup or $5 with you re-using a cup. I may be wrong on this one too.

Someone better verify my info here. I’m feeling a bit dumb now for responding.

I thought it was $5 and $4. But I could be wrong. (I actually just plan on letting Hooch buy all my beer this year so I am not too worried about the cost) :cheers

$5 w/o cup, $4 with AFAIK

Not a bad price…

I should have talked to the Planet Bluegrass folks about having a tap of Woof along with the beer this year.

12oz ? Is that a US or UK oz ?

Any who took down the viagra thread ? I hadnt made a note of the email addy.

you can put a tap in our Beer/Shower Tent !!



I thought for sure you had a stockpile.

Doesnt Every One ???

Oh man… Wander-in has a Beer-Shower now??.. nice :slight_smile:

started that two tears ago !
pour a brew ,have a hot shower
life is good !

Is a beer shower a golden shower? Or at least an pre-processed golden shower?

Two tears ago? Sounds like one of them country-western songs!!!

Reuse and recycle… :lol

Fine just make fun of my typos see if I care