Beer Share ... Lite!

                                     NO NOT LIGHT BEER!   :huh :huh

The reality that we will be back in our happy place for the Soltice is just sinking in. As we talk about some of our traditions and festive events over these next few weeks, how can we each not bring some delicious beers from our favorite local breweries to share? We can’t, isn’t possible! The Town Park community is all about sharing food, drink, and other shenanigans. Besides the obvious amazing music both on stage and in our camps, it is the communty that many of us keep coming back for!

With Smitty and Todd unable to make it this year, we cannot approach the magnitude, deliciousness, nor festiveness of what those fine gents have been helping to create over the last couple prefests! Absolute beer magic!! :medal However, for those of us coming to these fields that have sat fallow since 2019, craft beer will still be enjoyed! :cheers

We are shooting for 11:30a on Friday the 18th, the Solstice weekend. As the Mayor said, “we can’t drink all day if we don’t start in the morning”! We assume the gates will open at 2pm so this can be a bit of pregame, plus an excuse to hang out with all you fine festivarians and enjoy a few brews before we take the field! :wink:

I know some of you are only coming for the first weekend :frowning: but if enough of you want to share on that 1st Friday, we can do that to! Let us know what you’re thinking.

This will all be much more low key than the last couple and we all know how to be flexible. We just want to get the word out that several of us will be bringing extra and thought others would want to join us!! We have 21 days before load in for the first weekend, many of us are going for both, so think of some tasty beers to bring to share! :cheers

Hope to see you there!! :hug

Awesome! You already know I’m in but…I’M IN!!

I’m moonlighting at Odd13 Brewing these days and should be able to bring a good chunk of fresh stuff but more importantly we’ll bring some fun cellared stuff from our personal stash!

Planning on bringing some brews. Looking forward to it!

As I’ve gotten older I’ve started drinking later in the day, but hey it’s almost noon so close enough. :cheers

I’ll be sure to bring a selection from our local brewpub. :thumbsup

:cheers Y’all are rad! It’ll be 10:30 in the morning here, but I’ll be raising a glass in festival solidarity. I’ll make sure Erin and Stephan are with me! I still have a box of beer been saving originally for 2020, so they’ll all be aged another year till I bring them in 2022. My rating is sure dropping, not sure what I said, or did. Peace!

Can’t wait to enjoy those with ya, buddy. We’ll have one (or more) in your honor this year.

Everything seems fine to me :secret :wink:

In other news, I’ve reached out to my friends at Boulder Beer to ask if they might be interested in participating in some manner. More info to come there.

Yeah man your rating is tops! Not sure what you talking?

I have some barrel aged maple bacon stout that should go well with some sourdough pancakes! In Hippies honor!! :peace

I’ve had several in a holding pattern for 2 years now, I guess 1
more year will have to do. So hard, I have to forget about them or else :cheers

Yeah, not sure. An hour ago it was 180.

Just packed some fresh stuff from Odd13 and dug deep in my cellar for some fun treats. A few older Avery gold foils, a 2009 Imperial Stout from a brewery that will remain unnamed here, 2 10 year old Dogfish Heads, and a few other surprises!

I’ve got a dozen crowlers from our local Horsefly Brewing including a Pecan Porter, a Chocolate Oatmeal Stout, a Scottish Ale, and a Blonde. :cheers

It’s been a great week so far. The only thing that could make it better is if someone could confirm that we’ve got a beer tasting tomorrow. Any word?