Bean Blossom/ John Hartford Memorial Festival

Hey fellow festivarians!
I recently bought a ticket to the John Hartford Memorial Festival in Bean Blossom for early June.
I’m wondering if anyone has been to Bean Blossom before and might be able to give me some idea of what to expect. My festival experience includes Telluride, RockyGrass, and MerleFest. Will Bean Blossom be like these? Will there be a tarp landrush? Will they sell beer? Anybody else going?
Hope so. Looks like an amazing lineup.

I won’t be making it, but just for those that might here’s the link:


I live about sixteen miles from Bean Blossom, as the crow flys. Bean Blossom is radically different then Telluride. It is much smaller. I was last there a few years ago. The big Bean Blossom festival is usually about the week before Telluride so we are either on the road to the San Juans or are getting ready to go. I am planning on going to the John Hartford festival. The only other festival that I attended at Bean Blossom there were no tarps. Around the stage were benches, no backs. I set up a camp chair behind the benches. There might of been a few tarps in the back, not many. The food available was more like county fair food, elephant ears, corn dogs etc. Nothing like Telluride. The campgrounds are nicer than Telluride, more shady woods with reservable campsites.

This all being said, Bean Blossom Festival Park and Campgrounds has changed ownership since I have last been over there. And seeing who is on the bill for the John Hartford, the new owner may be trying to make some big changes. Alcohol in years past was not even allowed on the grounds, let alone served. Bean Blossom seemed to be dominated by the Southern Baptist/Mennonite crowd. A lot of old guys in bib-overalls. Again, this festival looks very interesting and I am planning on going as a commuter. If you are planning on camping, try to make your reservations now.

Thanks for the response Mark.
See you there.