Be My Tellubride

This adorable, handsome, kind, sweet, and funny man will be at the Telluride Bluegrass Fest next week, and he is seeking a 5-day snuggle bun.

What does that mean or entail? How does such a proposition work?

Firstly, the idea of meeting someone light, fresh, and fun is appealing to both of us. Then, from that simple stage: We save seats for eachother, wait on the beer line while the other one pees, we walk for coffee in frosty mornings, we ride bikes around town (nothing hard-core, more perambulation than transportation), we remark on the nice weather and make sure we’re wearing enough sun block.

We say good bye to eachother when we want alone time, and are happy to meet back up by this and that tent as such and such hour. We remark on how nice grass feels on bare feet, and communicate nicely and easily, and laugh a lot because I’m really funny, and you may be, too. We go to the brewery when its hot (and its cold), and remark on the complexity (or, god forbid) the absence of the hop profile in our beers. I’m a former chef so there is always the option that I will spoil you with breakfast, or yummy lunch, or light snack at the end of the day. And you’ll surprise me with, well, it would be a surprise, I think, but I’m sure it would be super sweet, maybe like a sno-cone or a honey-sweetened iced tea, or a hot cider. You know, that kind of thing.

I’m driving up from NM to TBF by myself because I am single and have few earthy/earthly friends with good cultural-musico taste (such as beer-buzzed barefoot dancing to banjos – high culture kind of stuff).

I’m a diligent thinker, an open book, a laid back soul, but also a busy semi-professional. I party but not to excess (mostly just my hoppy beers), and I’m looking to get away from an exciting but consuming career down here in New Mexico. I have a ticket to be at Warner field. And hope to meet up with a kind, fun, warm, sweet, adorable, bright life-loving maiden between 26-36 to share a great bunch of days together, in short-term bright joyous matrimony.

oh, and, i just thought to myself that maybe (maybe?) I should put my email address in the event that someone wants to reply, but doesn’t want all of y’all’s to see it. . . did I say I’m clever too? (maybe a little bit slow, followed by epiphanies that I think are clever) email is :cheers

I like this post :thumbsup

You seem like a nice young man so good luck with your request for a Teluride ‘snuggle bun’.

Have a great time at the festival :slight_smile:

Hi, Country-Fresh! :wave I think this may very well be the most adorable post I’ve ever seen (besides all of my own, of course). Where in New Mexico are you from? When are you leaving? I’m in Angel Fire (outside of Taos), and am leaving Sunday (tomorrow) morning. There are a few of us from all parts of New Mexico who are camping in Town Park. I’m also bringing a (single) festi-virgin girlfriend with me who just moved to NM from Texas. I’m sure she will need a festi-beer friend/walkabout/snuggle-bug/late-night hook-up! She is 29, and has no idea I’m posting this! I’m sure she will thank me in her own special way later. :evil She can’t leave till Wednesday after work, but will hopefully be there for Rumballs. Maybe you can set up a TBF version of “The Bachelor”. I have a strange feeling you will be getting many responses on this. :love

Daniela :flower

haha this made me giggle. Cute post. Good luck.