Bassists/ Guiatrists

I just heard Jeff Becks new album: Live from Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club, it’s so good! I really admire Jeff Becks skills, I grew up lstening to him, he also inspired me to learn how to play! Does anyone else here like Jeff Beck?

Heres the link to the sound clip from the first single “cause we’ve ended as lovers”

Jordan Fontana

ouuuuuuuuuuuuuu so so good. A mind journey for sure… Always loved Jeff Beck. Smooth. Sexy. Should be called “Because we are Lovers”…

Thanks I needed that :flower yum :medal

No problem! :thumbsup What other songs do you like from him?

By the way I found this cool contest. The prize is his new album plus 5 other albums from Eagle Rock Ent’s other artists