Bass Class Questions

Hi friends,

I’m lucky enough to have scored a spot for my husband in the advanced bass group but I’m “fretting” about him having the right gear!

He will find out he’s going in May (this is his birthday gift) and he’s a brilliant bassist… but he typically plays (and owns) electric or acoustic bass guitars. Is an upright bass a strong suggestion/requirement (we would need to buy or rent one) or will he be able to bring something he already has?

Any other advice or pro tips for our first RockyGrass Academy would also be welcome :heart:

Peace and Love from the Pacific Northwest!

  • Andrea

Hi Andrea!

That’s so exciting you snagged a spot for your husband to play bass in the Academy!

All of the bass classes are constructed for the upright bass. I recommend researching around the area to see if there may be someone with an upright that you can rent or borrow for your husband for the weekend.

This forum is a great place to start!

  • BluegrassNat :sunflower: