Bass care when jamming at festivals

My son the bass player is starting to jam at festivals. I as the dad with the checkbook am wondering about bass care in that environment. I suppose there’s some do’s and don’t like don’t leave in the direct sun, rain (duh), and inside hot cars?

I also noticed that no one ever seems to store them on a stand but instead store them on their side on the ground. Seems like there’s no great answer around drinking people in the dark. Anywho, pro tips are welcome.

Also, he is using his pretty-nice bass that he uses for classical playing. I am encouraging him to get a jamming bass. A little less expensive and maybe more durable? Thoughts please, thanks.

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This type of situation is where a plywood bass, like an Englehart or Kay, pays off. Don’t need to worry much, just keep it out of the rain. The stand is nice as it takes up less real estate in camp, but laying down happens all the time. The edges that touch the ground will get beat up a bit, but blemishes on a bass are a badge of honor, not a source of shame. Just make sure to retract the peg at the bottom or folks will trip over it.