Band winners

I’ve been trying to find the list of bands in the competition and who actually won. Can’t find anything. Help please.

I think Run Boy Run won

Yes, Run Boy run did win the band comp.

yeah, somehow they won with a lyric that went along the lines of “i’ll kiss her cold corpsy lips”

we laughed when we heard that one.

but really, what was up with pert near and taarka in the band comp. both bands have not only been playing for years, but touring hard throughout the western states.

seems to me both of those bands were overqualified for this contest. though pert near didnt make the final i guess…

I couldn’t believe Pert Near didn’t take it. But ya, they have how many albums out, and have already won comps?! Same with Taarka. Those overqualified bands maybe rightly are just seeking some coveted Telluride buzz, but maybe they somehow get graded down for being so well established? Like there’s a higher bar or it’s not fresh to the judges. Me thinks they need a new agent!! Or maybe they just wanted a ticket to TBF :lol Pert seem stuck in limbo as the ‘other guys’ from Minnesota.

Run Boy Run will be playing the Pickin in the pines in sept.

They had to buy their tickets like everyone else. The bands in the comp. don’t get a free ride in T’ride. :cheers

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green