Band Merch Booth?

Anyone have any information about what to expect as far as a merch booth goes for the bands? This will be my first trip, and I’m an avid vinyl record collector and was wondering if there will be some for me to pick up (and plan for some extra space in my suitcase)!

Yup there’s a whole huge merch tent right by the entrance/exit. I’ve definitely seen vinyl there but with supply chain issues I’d expect there to be fewer this year than in previous years.

Get your merch asap, they always sell out pretty fast.

I’m not sure how it will be this year with covid protocols, but in years past there are lots and lots of autograph opportunities as well. The merch tent (Country Store) will have a schedule posted for autographs every day.

There are also two sides to the tent, one with festival merch and the other with band merch. The band merch area rotates each day based on who is playing, so be sure to check back each day of the festival.