Backstage 2005

Great to see Del and the boys and various other sundry muscians!
Photo By DEWBUB c.2005

1 Mike & Dewey Bub, Bluegrass Breatheren
2 Robby McCoury, Dewey J Bub, Ronnie McCoury, Brothers from different Mothers…
3 Small Jar of Muster on Bigggg Bike
4 Janey Rubs up against Del’s Fine Motorcoach

:wave :medal :flower :woohoo


JazzyJaney’s First Time Backstage after coming 10 or 12 years

Janey & Dewey
Mike Bub chats with a friend from his college days from South Plains, Texas
Janey with her new fan club
Mike and Janey

Well, not many of you get backstage at TBF, its fun, its magical and after a few times its no big deal. Really the only difference is you have two TBF families instead of one!