Check out this video of Bela.

This film looks great.

I’m being pulled away from my computer but I can’t wait to see this in the AM… :medal :medal

Cool stuff, also found clips with Edgar, Jake, Bobby, and Chris

:wave I absolutly adore Bela and Bach ! Bela has more dexterity in his fingers than I have in my entire body :lol
I love the way he say’s I’m JUST a folk musician that just got alittle out of control :lol :lol

When I was little my grandmother would take me to see classical performances many times and from a young age (7) I could always tell when Bach was played, he is unique and unforgetable,just like Bela. :medal

Thank you. :sunshine :hug

Chris and Edgar will be at CU soon and this is really great ! I wonder if they will be playing Bach? I would love to go but no one around me can relate…I feel sorry for them, they are missing out.
Listening to Edgar play Bach, is hauntingly beautiful. I love the Bass and Cello, the sound, is so rich… :flower
Thank you :flower :medal

very cool stuff
will be a “must see film” for me
Bach’s music is the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard
Once I was in love with a cellist, she first introduced me to “the music”
She loved Bach, Bach remains, she is gone…
Seems that almost all the great musicians, past and present
all have this appreciation and love of Bach’s music

Thats how I fell in love with fiddle/violin… Sub a violin player, and Stephan Grappelli.

the good part is that Bach remains for us all…
Yo-Yo Ma of course one of the great cellist of our time
He plays Bach with such beauty
love the stuff he’s done with Edgar Meyer, Mark O’Connor(the appalachain albums)
also, Grapelli was so great
maybe you’ve heard the album Stephanne Grappelli/David Grisman Live (1981)
It had been re-released on cd
great one, has O’Connor and Mike Marshall and Rob Wasserman on it when they were all “young lads”
The liner notes have a quote from Grisman that says

“Playing with and knowing Stephanne has been one of the greatest joys of my life, and I have treasured every moment. Standing on stage next to him is like standing next to Zeus throwing lightening bolts. He is surely one of the musical wonders of the world.” Grisman