Australian looking for spare camping gear

Hello! I’ve flown over to the US with less gear than I planned to have, and am in need of some essentials before the festival starts. Looking for:

  • Tent
  • Sleeping mat
  • Cooler bag

If anyone can help me with any of these items it would be most appreciated!

What campground are you in?

Hi Todd, I’m in lawson. Whereabouts are you?

Greetings RR
I will take a look through my gear and see about any extras but weve streamlined our setup over the years.
There are a lot second hand “Good Sammy” shops along the way I would suggest checking them out. You’ve still got time and you can always re-donate it.

Lawson AKA “Awesome Hill” is a lot of fun! but I would suggest an additional tarp to cover and please stake things down.
The wind sneaks in when you’re least expecting and will carry tents and EZups higher than any edible Ive had.
Once in Telluride you can also hit up the free box which has been a great help for many of us.
If I find anything I’ll reach out. Cheers -Timmie

Hi Timmie,
Wow, thanks for sharing all this info, I really appreciate it! Yes, I will look into these Good Sammy shops you speak of. And ok, tarp sounds like a very good idea.

Your welcome
Second Chance in ridgway is one of my favs.
We use to have one at the beginning of town but it appears to have closed last yr.