Audio from Sturgill

Does anyone have audio of the Sturgill show from Sunday? Thank you in advance!

Here it is. You need to have a bittorrent client to download it.

Thanks to Richard Skaggs for recording and posting .

Dang, and that was a set we had to miss, I would love to get a copy…but the whole Bit Torent thing is way over my head! :pirate

It’s really not that difficult. Just download the client.

Pirate, I can convert them to mp3 files if that is what you need. But i need a place to save them. do you have an icloud account or something similar. pm me.

Just as a heads up, I’d definitely suggest folks to use something other than uTorrent. Deluge, Transmission, or qBittorrent are good options. uTorrent has installed a bitcoin miner (malware) in previous versions, has ads, is not open source and updates are pretty janky.

Buckeyedog Please post them MP3’s!!! Can you dropbox them?

How can I contact Richard to send him a present?