Aspen Music Festival?

So the 25th anniversary of Uncommon Ritual only had two dates booked. One at RG which will be impossible to get a ticket for at this date.

Also, not yet announced is the day before in Aspen. I have a feeling getting a ticket won’t be impossible, but is there any place to stay around there that isnt 600 a night?
Anybody ever been to this festival and can give me a boost on the ground report?

The Aspen Music Festival is a classical music festival devoted to developing young talent for the future. There is a +/- 2,000 seat tent designed for performance of such music. Edgar is a faculty member.

That is peak summer season in Aspen and rates will be peak. You did not say what rate you were looking for so it is hard to recommend. Mountain Chalet, St Moritz and Hotel Durant sometimes have rates that might work for you. Otherwise, you can look in Snowmass Village (there is a free bus to Aspen walking distance to music fest) or Basalt (Element or AspenAlt or Basalt Mtn Inn) or Carbondale (Days Inn, Comfort Inn). The bus is not free from these towns but very convenient.

Actually, its two days before RG. Front row tickets still available.