Arriving Early

This year I was hoping to get down to Lyons early to get in line on Tues or Wed. I noticed it says on the Festival guidlines that they do not allow tent camping in the line-up lot and we are asked to sleep in our cars. I have a small car and with our camping gear, there just isn’t that much room. Can we camp at meadowlands or another nearby (walking) location? How do other festivarians handle early arrival sleeping arrangements? :huh

any suggestions are much appreciated!

Lisa -

you can provide yourself with shelter at night if you can’t fit in your car.

Just remember that it’s not a campground, and that the houses adjacent to the line are full of people who have to go to work in the morning, so keep the noise to a minimum.



Dustin :cheers
thank you so much for the quick response! You have been a big help!