Are we Gonna Wifi at TBF? Bueller? Frye? Anyone? Anyone?


Tom, do I recall the laptop heads have axcess to the etheral airways during the fest?

I seem to recall something about that in the past two fests but alas, can’t remember now …



Wi-fi was available all around Town Park a couple years ago thanks to one of the vendors. They weren’t there last year, and I haven’t heard anything about this year. The Planet staff would have to address that. :cheers

Oh, I see you are up and running, caught you a litter earlier OFFLINE! Is it possible? Wow!

Staff? Staff? We don’t need no stinkin staff! What we need is Badges! Stinkin Badges (wristbands)

I humbly acquiesce to the higher source.

Thanks Tride Tom!

I guess this is my area… :8

We have many many critical internet needs during the festival - stage crew, artists, managers, box office, press tent, etc. Making sure these folks have a stable, fast internet connection is really critical to allowing the festival to run smoothly.

So while we do talk about offering a public wifi signal, we’ve again decided that it is in everyone’s interest to focus on the needs of these critical festival personnel.

We did have public wifi a couple years ago, provided by festival sponsor Abeo. But they will not be back again this year. It’s not a complete loss, there are lots of wifi hotspots around town. I think I saw those mentioned in a different thread - library, coffee shops, etc. We’re just not providing wifi to the festival grounds.

If this is a major hardship or disappointment, please do let us know. It will help us know how to prioritize this for next year.

on Planet Bluegrass

With the availability around town, I don’t think it’s a big issue.
After all, the function of the Planet comes first. :flower

Wow you beat me to it Brian… Just as I was posting - bingo ! there you are… :thumbsup
Now That’s great service eh folks…

There are two really robust wifi spots in Telluride. One is the library and the other one I always use is on the porch at Baked in Telluride. I know there are a couple of others but I really enjoy the disconnection I experience in Town Park.

Better yet just leave the laptop at home and come join our party!!!

:wink: :wink: He says as he packs his laptop into the truck before leaving for Town park :wink: :wink:

Can I go YET ? :flower


:wave I’m excited that i have a new wireless laptop! I feel it necessary to bring so that i may send pics and small vid clips to those that must work in my absence (is that mean?) If they look at the pics like I do then it will make it seem like it’s not 105 degrees outside! :evil

Absolutely that this is a critical issue. Since Telluride and its festivals are a foward thinking town this is very important. A few years back, it may not have seemed as important as it would be today. The entire town should be wireless. Please do not think that the effort of a few local businesses is the key. By 2008, the entire downtown area of Scottsdale (the size of the town of Telluride) will be mobilized to transmit a strong wifi signal. Today, as the world changes to a paperless society and the wish to cut down on carbonless waste, clearly shows the need to have this wonderful and necessary service.

Again, seek out the companies that are willing to go forth and support all the festivals in Telluride. And for the sake of the humans living there, let them have what they need as well!

Nuff Said

Dewey Bub, Non Resident but, frequent visitor.

guys we used BITs … its close … and the Food is great …if you want i will post all the Hotspots


:pipe I heard Baked in Telluride is a hotspot…i’ll be there! :pipe

Thanks for noting about BIT and WiFi, as I’ll be doing some occasional
work while at the Fest (which is better than not making Telluride, which
almost happened for me this year!).