Are their threads we should keep?

I want to clean up the forum a little bit.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any way to pick a few threads and delete everything else.

So…if there is a thread in the nether regions of the back pages of any of the boards that you think is worth keeping, go make a post in it. From now on…all threads that are not posted in within 90 days will be deleted automatically (sticky topics are excluded).

This is true for all boards…including the tapers board.

Don’t forget about the Wildflower Pavilion Series on Planet Bluegrass this fall, and next spring. If we don’t see you there…have a great winter. :wave



I would ask that the “Tapers Board” be left as a resource for future music lovers.

Auntie Hope :pickin

We should keep the photos

Both noted. I think I’ve got it figured out. :flower

I would keep the vocabulary / dictionary thread.


I’m going to do the deed tomorrow morning.

(Shut up, Ron :giggle )


Dustin, someday write me about how to add smileys to a forum. Thanks, I love the shut up ron smiley.


Please preserve the threads that have so accurately documented the trials and tribulations of Duk Tape Man and Blaze. This is festival history, after all…
Thanks Dustin!

ps - the further adventures of D-Money will soon be posted…

Im Cleaning up old dead threads
Tom told me you can clean up the “Ticket” thread in one fell swope
I was working on those… but now Ive move to here …

I can and will after Folks. I don’t want to risk accidentally deleting threads where people are looking for/ trying to unload Folks tix.


Guys Im Not Dumb
There is ALOT of History Here
Pics , Vids … will still be here … along with some of the Fun Banter we have had
Dead Threads … Dates will be Deleted … Lots of the Old Threads will be BUMPED
Just cause …we have fun with em …
Cool ?
Much Love
Im Done for the Night