Are Festival Tickets Easy To Sell (at face, of course)?

Brief synopsis (synopsis means ‘what fir,’ for you pickers :lol ):

Money is (always) tight, but I want to shoot the moon and try for town park tickets this year. I realize this may take a while though, and want to get some insurance in case my TP tickets don’t come through.

If I were to buy some Illuim passes and GA festival tickets now, would it be pretty easy to dump them at face close to the festival, assuming I also score TP tickets? This thing sells out every year, right?

I don’t think it should be a problem. You probably wouldn’t be able to sell them until pretty close to festival, but you should still be able to unload them. Perhaps someone with more experience in this matter can confirm my suspicions?

It’s definitely a little bit of a risk, but I think you have a fair (80-90% or better) chance of being able to unload any extra 4-day festival passes you have. And, in an absolutely worst-case scenario where you can’t find anyone to unload the Illium tix too there are always a gazillion people who want TP tix so you could unload those if completely necessary to make sure you don’t lose money/waste tickets. Hope this helps!


The other option would be to wait and not buy the 4 day pass tickets until the last minute. I know I bought 2 Mary E camping and 4 day passes about 3 weeks before the 33rd or 34th (can’t recall exactly which). So if you are getting close to crunch time, pick them up, otherwise wait it out.

i want to camp at mary e and they sold out today (of all days as i was going to order them this evening). what are chances i could get some later on? or should i just buy lawson hill ones and suck it up? was really counting on some shade for my 7 mo. pregnant self but its not looking good. =[

Either option is viable, but I would say go with Lawson and bring your own shade. WE started bringing an EZ up for the campsite a few years ago and it made a huge difference. The cooler stayed colder and we didn’t have to spend as much money on ice. The tents were cooler (if they were in a position to benefit from the shade) and it gave us a nice place to lounge around. It was really helpful. Unfortunately, the wind took it in Town Park last year. Now we’re looking for a new one.

I wouldn’t want to ride the shuttle pregnant, it gets crowded/smelly/loud sometimes, especially at the end of the day. Your best bet might be the High School, if they are still available. If not, the Lawson shuttle is a LOT shorter of a ride than Illium. If you decide to go the Illium route, though, you should be able to find some returned tickets pretty easily. Check Planet Bluegrass’s website on Tuesday afternoons.