Some of us are unable to download and transfer to an audible format. :frowning:

Please use this thread to post links to shows that we can stream from the site. :flower

I’ll start by posting PhilR’s great recording of The Packway Handle Band @ Fly me To the Moon from Telluride this year.

Ready…GO! :horsey

my wayword sons late night set is also up here:

as is the yonder opera house show here:


Here’s the video of the Telluride House Band performing Molly & Tenbrooks taken from the poser pit… Hope you enjoy, it sure was hard to stand still (ish) enough to tape it!!

yonder’s opera house set from this year.

yonder at red rocks 09

thats awesome landshark
how is the new album?
i need to get it somehow over the next couple weeks… i think i got most of the songs from tapes so far…

beller parker, rain still falls, and casualty are some seriously awesome new songs
i think belle parker was played at new years two years ago for the first time and it is such a good song :thumbsup
ive never seen it live… cant wait…

love too… but not sure what the new years has in store yet
but three nights, one at boulder theater and two at the fillmore, without panic… that looks sweeeet!

great broke mountain show from 05 in nederland

the Broke Mountain Bluegrass Band is Jon Stickly (shannon whitworth & songs from the road) Anders Beck (greensky bluegrass) Andy Thorn (emmit nershi band) Travis Book (infamous stringdusters) and Robin Davis (Wayword Sons)… but this show in particular has adam aijala and burle sitting in…
the music is top notch and the recording is high quality


Dayton you have got me wondering, are you in the music business. How do you get to see so much music? I wanna be you when I grow up, if I grow up. :thumbsup

nah, im not in the music business. i just love bluegrass, and stickly is a friend of mine, so he turns me on to a lot of stuff i would otherwise not know about…
as for as being able to see a lot of music, i guess im just lucky to live in asheville. fortunately, this area has great bluegrass coming through pretty reguraly.
plus, my dad plays bluegrass, and has my whole life, so hes always encouraged me to get out there and see good bluegrass music for as long as i can remember…
and im not grown up either, its nice to think im pretty close, but i still got a while to go… probably always will :wink:

if you like really awesome yonder from fly me to the moon in 2001
then this show is for you :woohoo
it sounds like theres only 15 people at fly me to the moon and its a soundboard transfer :tapers

Some great Duster’s shows from NWSS and RockyGrass

Horning’s Hideout 2009…

RockyGrass 2006…

I am so looking forward to seeing them in Telluride this year!

I stumbled on this the other day. Phil Lesh joined RRE for a night of improvised beauty.

i love that show hot sugar!
its one of my favorites :thumbsup i’ve got a funny story about that one too. about 3 years ago i was working in a double decker coffee shop bus in asheville located right beside this music venue called the orange peel. well, railroad earth was playing that night, and at the time i had recently stumbled across this show as well, so i was playing it pretty loud on the outside speakers of the bus.
and then, about two hours before the rre show was going to start, guess who walks in the bus…

tim carbone! and some of his friends. and one of them was like do you know who this is (referring to tim) and i was like, yeh, you’re tim carbone! they ordered some coffee, borrowed some sidewalk chalk and proceeded to draw some pictures on the concrete table tops outisde of the bus. it was awesome. as they were leaving, tim approached me and asked what rre show i was listening to. i told him it was this particular show with phil lesh and he just smiled and said thanks. then as they were walking away, one of his friends came and offered me a ticket for the show that night. of course i took it, and ended up having a great time! :dance
heres the link again for this awesome set with rre and phil… the seven story moutain is totally stellar :tapers

That’s pretty great. I saw them recently here in Missoula and talked to Tim briefly after the show. I told him that he was a god among men. He responded “Well, I’m a man, anyway.” :lol They’re all really nice guys and great musicians.

I was just turned on to another great source for streaming or downloading of over 45,000 shows.

simply one sweeet dead show to stream on :woohoo

Collection: GratefulDead
Band/Artist: Grateful Dead
Date: April 12, 1978 (check for other copies)
Venue: Cameron Indoor Stadium - Duke University
Location: Durham, NC

Lineage: CD>Toast Audio Extractor>Peak>SHN
Transferred by: J. Henry
Keywords: Soundboard; J. Henry

…and you can even vote for it at on your epic tour :abduct

The Infamous Stringdusters at Terrapin Crossroads
5/3/13 San Rafael, CA

Set I:

Set II: