Arabesque band -- 1980-07-xx SBD -- featuring Mike Scap -- uncirculated gem

audio stream

Arabesque band - late July, 1980

PS Flowers
Estes Park, CO

SBD master tape – stellar analog sound quality

show on the Live Music Archive
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featuring Mike Scap - “a little bit Dawg, a little bit Django”

*** the most amazing 1980 chops, band, AND guitar/mandolin player you Never heard of ***

Sound system and SBD mix by Eric Levine - violin player

SBD > mono single channel > Nakamichi 550 portable cassette recorder w/ Dolby NR > Scotch Master II 90-minute chromium dioxide cassette tapes

MC > Nakamichi 550 > Lexicon Alpha 24-bit / 48 khz > USB > Samplitude 24-bit / 48 khz mono > 16-bit / 44.1 khz stereo > TLH > Flac > SBE fixed

SBD recording was taped, transferred, and remastered by Monte Barry
powered my 36-year-old Nak 550 w/batteries for this transfer to eliminate any hum

– a priceless gem and a beauty - please tell the world about this band
– the 2nd and what I believe to be final Arabesque show in their LMA old tape collection

circulation date for this tape - August 30, 2009

thank you largely eTree and Internet Archive
– peace from Monte –

*** where the hell is Mike Scap? ***

Set 1
Minor Swing
Lady Be Good
Blue Bossa
Norwegian Wood
Watch What Happens
Nine Pound Hammer
March of the Siamese Children
Stockton Blues
Saint Ann’s Reel
band intro
Sweet Sue

Set 2
White Dove
Swing 39

track changes are seamless
recording finishes before end of show
Yalonta cuts off before ending due to reel flip

Mike Scap - guitar, mandolin, vocals
Ralph Brandofino - mandolin, vocals
Mike Fitzmaurice - guitar, vocals
Eric Levine - violin
Mark Diamond - bass, vocals, frontman

*** I wonder if String Cheese Incident ever heard these guys ***

Mark Diamond Music
Boulder, CO

Eric Levine - violin / fiddle
Ft. Collins, CO

Monte the Taper