Anyone seen any postings of the Kruger Brothers or Psychograss from Rockygrass?

These were awesome shows this year and I would be much obliged to anyone kind enough to post them or direct me to where they have been posted.

Thank you.

I will try to upload my Psychograss recording to etree this week one night when I have time to do the edits, tracking and uploading. I’ll post a note here when that’s up. I didn’t record Kruger Bros. unfortunately.

I just posted Psychograss at I’ll try to get Kruger Brothers up soon.

Thanks much for all te fine recordings from RockyGrass. Your efforts make it possible to relive some great moments.

And here’s my Psychograss on etree:
Need a little set list help.

Rocky Grass Bluegrass Festival
Lyons, CO
Saturday, 7/30/11

Source: AT4051b>WendtX2>R-09HR (24/48)
Transfer: SDHC>PC>Audacity>R8Brain>CDWave>TLH
Recorded, transfered, uploaded: Bevin

Set list help, please

  1. The Tennessee Twister
  2. Big Gravel
  3. The Cherokee Shuffle
  4. Looks Like A Duck
  5. Hot Nickles
  6. Big Dirt Clod
  7. Lion’s Den
  8. Dawgy Salt
  9. Coal Burnin’ Grease Fire

Thank you, Bevin, rdfager and all the others who have posted recordings. Your efforts really enhance the experience for many of us who like to relive this terrific festval

01 Key Signator
02 Tennessee Twister
03 Big Gravel
04 Big Monk
05 The Cherokee Shuffle
06 Looks Like A Duck
07 Hot Nickels
08 Big Dirt Clod
09 In The Lion’s Den
10 Doggy Salt
11 Road To Hope
12 Coal Burnin’ Grease Fire

It would also be cool if someone would share Sarah Jarosz’s set.