Anyone riding in from the East Coast?

I’ll be leaving the Richmond, VA area by motorcycle on Saturday June 12. I hope to arrive on Monday or Tuesday. If anyone else is riding to Telluride and would like to meet up along the way let me know. I’ll be camping at Mary E Ilium when I get there.

Auntie Hope,

I tried to reply to your PM 3 times. You would think a programmer wouldn’t have trouble with this stuff!

Anyway thanks for your concerns. I have done 700 miles in 14 hours twice; But not 3 days in a row!

I will have extra days to get there if needed but I didn’t want to take too many days getting home (dang work thing you know, need money for the next festival!)


Roughly, it’s 7/8 hours from Charlotte, NC to Nashville, TN.

You can get into Western Kansas on Day 2.

Head on over the mountians, Grand Junction maybe, on Day 3.

Being on the bike you are Much Better Off riding up to Telluride during the day. The roads are narrow, The ELK like the roads as much as we do and YOU DO NOT want to miss the view on this ride into Telluride.

I’ll send you my e-mail in a PM.

Ride Safe!
Auntie Hope :flight

im not sure how comfortable you are with riding long distances on a bike, but shooting for telluride by the great american highway system from saturday to monday in gonna be pretty impossible if you ask me. ive made the drive from asheville and hopes probably right. from around this area of the southeast i’ve found good stopping points as such:
day 1: asheville to st. louis.
day 2: st. louis to koa of choice or back of the wagon for a few hour nap in kansas
day 3: after nap, kansas to denver or little beyond…
day 4: denver or so all the way to telluride! that’ll put ya there around 3 or 4 in the afternoon or so…
and i usually started the drive about 4 or 5 am to get as much driving in as possible… and then would seriously drive all day…
so, saturday to tuesday seems feasible. i’ve not done any biking, but i’m sure it will be a helluva ride!
vabiker, what part of va are ya from? have you calculated the mileage from va to telluride yet?

Hey dayton,

I’m Just north of Richmond, Va.

Google maps shows 1 day 9 hours @ 2,037 miles to 1 day 11 hours @ 2,167. So I’ve been using 2,200 miles as my expected distance.

I can go further on the bike than I can in the truck…in the truck I get sleepy, on the bike I don’t.

Are you near Asheville? Did you go to the French Broad River Festival last year. Errr…don’t think I have this on my calendar for this year…

more later…


north of richmond, nice… is that near herndon or the dc area, i got some friends around there…
yeh, im currently living in asheville and did go to the french broad river festival last year. it was a blast and was also able to secure a sweet camping spot right on the river with a view of the stage for the weekend. i haven’t yet decided about this year yet… its a pretty similiar lineup as last year, i wonder if another headliner will be announced?

Hey Bucky, just a note…

Pack a small tent on the bike. You can camp in the rest areas in Kansas (West of Lawrence) FOR FREE!

Private Camping:
I’d pass on the Hayes, Kansas area hotels though. Kinda freaky there, but the Hayes/WaKeeney KOA is pretty cool (West of Hays). Nice grassy area to camp, fencing to block the wind, hot showers and a cheap pancake breakfast. Once you make it that far then you can get over the Rockies in good daylight, land in Grand Junction, where there are many a Festivarian, and then you’re in for an easy 3 to 4 hour ride to Telluride. On that kind of schedule you’ll have plenty of time to set up a camp in Telluride before dusk (when the bottom drops out and it gets quite cold, most of the time).

The best way to ensure this kind of arrival is to plan from Telluride backwards. Just a tip. Take it or leave it!

Another idea: Don’t plan anything except when you’re leaving Virginia and have a blast!

(Serious Note: The cops between Grand Junction and Montrose LOVE THEIR JOBS and do the best job possible… each and every day of the week!)

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green