Anyone Remember Flaming Meteor During YMSB, RG '07?

I think it was ‘07, give or take a year. I remember it was this enormous fireball that screamed right over and looked like it must have landed past the cliffs on the other side of the beach. Everyone in the audience gave a big ol’ gasp, and I seem to recall you could even hear the crowd response to it on the recordings.

Still, I remember looking and never finding anything written about it in the papers or anything outside of those at Planet Bluegrass who experienced it. Was this some kind of Lost type experience, where only the good folks on the Planet got to see it???

Yeah I remember that. Pretty sure I saw two of them though. :cheers


We were there and do remember! How about the year that the DEER romped right through the tarp section up front, exiting somewhere near the Poser Pit? Took all of us a while to figure out what happened! I forget whose set that was during.

Needless to say, some magically memorable things happen on the Planet :thumbsup