Anyone heard anything about tickets being sent?

Wondering when tickets might be sent and wondering if anyone had heard anything.

Thanks fellow festivarians! :pickin

Have not heard anything, nor received tickets yet.

The See Tickets fulfillment department has experienced delays, wristbands will begin to be shipped out starting Monday.

That being said, you’ll still have a chance to update your address if you still need to through your See Tickets account. You can also still change your delivery method to be “Will Call” instead of being shipped as long as you still see your address (and no tracking information) on your See Tickets account under Order Details. – again, this should be available through Monday.

Once wristbands are shipped you’ll be able to reference tracking information under the Order Details of your See Tickets account.

You can reference your tickets in your See Tickets account by logging in here:

You may need to complete creating your See Tickets account, this link will guide you on how to do so:

See Tickets View Order History / Create Account:

If you’re having any trouble with your See Tickets account, please contact and include your order number in the subject line.

Thank you for your patience and we’re getting excited too :sunshine

BluegrassNat, you are THE BEST! Thanks for keeping us informed and for all the hard work ya’ll do behind the scenes.

Can’t wait for this crazy, long-awaited journey to begin! :woohoo :festivarian

Monday you say :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Ha ya, mine show as “Shipped” in seetickets but with no actual tracking history. So they probably created the shipping labels but are having some production issue with the wristbands. It sure would be nice to get these in hand soon though!

Mine finally updated from just a tracking number to actually moving and are supposed to be here on Tuesday the 31st! Big relief lol. Did yours change too? There’s a way to add your number to get updates as well.

sweet! just checked my see tickets and usps tracking number issued. estimated delivery sat 5/28. its all happening! ffeeessssttivvvaaaaaaaallllllll :band :hop :peace

Ours also says delivery on the 28th!!! It’s getting real.

Me three!! FESTIVALLLLLLL :festivarian

still cant SEE TICKETS

You should have a tracking number. Every time I clicked on mine when using Chrome, I kept getting a privacy error. So I copy and pasted that number into the USPS tracking web page, at
It found it, says delivery is expected by May 31. So my tickets are on the way. Hope this helps.

Am I the only one without updated shipping info? My tracking number just says " Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item May 23, 2022 at 4:18 pm"

Mine said that until earlier today. Sounded like they were sending them out in batches, so hopefully you’ll get a notification tomorrow that it’s shipped! You can also give your number so you can be updated on it’s every move (I did that and am watching it like a hawk ha ha).

Sure enough, it updated this morning!

Received mine via USPS yesterday

:rock :rock :rock

Received ours today from our friendly postman. Very exciting! :thumbsup

Same here. Came today. Nice dark green TP wristbands.

Kinda worried there might be trouble with my tickets… Tracking said they would arrive Monday, then yesterday it was pushed back to today (Tuesday), now I just checked and it said they are not arriving until tomorrow (Wednesday). I leave on Sunday lol! So cutting it kinda close.

Hope everyone else’s tickets are safe and sound with you guys already! Anyone still waiting?