Anyone have a "moment" during Sammy's new song, "Circles Around Me"?

It was the last night of the show for me, my last sunset in Telluride. I was with my best friend who had been the greatest travel companion by far. We were pretty close to the front during Sam Bush’s set. He played a couple songs and then mentioned how he was going to play a new song off his recent album. Then he broke into “Circles Around Me” and for some reason I broke down. I’m not a crier but my goodness I balled into my friend’s shoulder. Something about that song…“Hey, hey hey, how did we ever get this far”… :thumbsup

That entire set was “the moment” for me…Beautiful sunset, great music, good people, good times. :slight_smile:

I was holding Joah, watching Jaco and JC with Jeff and Tessa and started to cry. Thanks to everyone that smiled and hugged me during that tune. It was an amazing “moment”. :slight_smile:

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

Glad we could be part of your moment! And thanks for all the little moments you shared with us Hope!