Anyone else excited?

I can barely sit still from the anticipation!
Arriving monday at midnight, I can’t wait to wake up & see the view on tuesday morning :smiley:

Tuesday afternoon we’re still thinking disc golf, no planned times yet.
Tues & Wed I’d like to see as much as town park & the soon to be ‘off limit’ sections of town, so if there are any specific suggestions, I’d be happy to hear them.

You’ve all been so kind to “the new guy & his wife”, hope we can sit & share a moment or two during the fest.

ALLL Packed up & ready to go!

Not Me :lol :lol :lol

Leaving Flagstaff in 20 minutes :hop :hop :hop

see you there :cheers

Patrick, send me your phone number…I’ll call ya when we arrive in town. Hope your flight goes well…

i feel you metsker… i can hardly take it i have never wanted to have the weekend over and do my time at work but we’ll be leaving tues. night we’ll see you in town park while it last as i am a festivirgin as well… where are u camping? we’ll be in lawson… i can’t wait to do some good old pickin’

           :hop :hop :hop :hop :horsey :hop :hop :hop :hop


Just learned of a conference call from 7-9AM on Monday morning, so shove off is at 9AM(a little later than expected). Plan to be in Tride round 6-7PM.
Looks like I will miss the Smuglers Bday toast, or will you still be there?
I printed out the prefest activities list and I will look for all of you great folk that have inspired me and kept me company on this mountain all winter. :medal :medal :flower :medal :medal :cheers

You travel safe GIRLY GIRL!!

I will MANLY MAN!! :flower

Damn Im all excited for you folks
Give Flat Ron a hug may add your name to Him