Anyone camping in town park THIS Thursday and Friday WITHOUT a TP Vehicle pass?

I’m in need of a little Festivarian karma. Maybe you can help

I have a TP vehicle pass for a friend who is arriving THIS Thursday (I’m already here!). The problem is that he needs to set up his trailer and leave for a few days. But this new reservation system is messing things up.

With this new system, you can have two vehicles per spot, but we don’t have room for my buddy’s pop-up trailer. We would like to set him up ANYWHERE in TP so his vehicle pass will take over on Saturday without him having to be here to move it.

So if you’re coming Thursday and camping for the purpose of being here for the Saturday morning rush up the Preserve, can we park my bud’s pop-up in your spot (you can have two vehicles on the same site). Then once you rush up we will just have his trailer stay there.

Boy this sounds confusing but once you get here you might seem just as frustrated as the rest of us are with the new system.

Please help a 20-year Festivarian if you can! Thanks!!!

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