Anybody sick yet?

So how long does it take to cough Mary Illium and all the other bad decisions out of your lungs?

ALL the other bad decisions? More time than I have…

I have no idea, but I seen to have the same thing. :frowning: But honestly I am not used to the temp changes from day to night where live. So that is what I think is the major factor in my cold. Because nobody else I went with caught anything. I don’t think all the dust helps anything, but PB really does try, with all of the water trucks. If this is all I have to put up with,OK.

The dust was still awful, though my respiratory system seems to be almost normal now.

You’re lucky you didn’t camp in Town Park where all the dust from the field went up my sinuses.
I’m still coughing up dust even though I had a fantastic festival. :thumbsup

Its the pollin from the Pine Trees. It is really thick this year.

Hoping to god I don’t have bronchitis.

Why are lungs so goddamn tempermental?

It’s all about taking 2 2oz shots of wheatgrass weekly. Repairs lungs, liver, kidneys(helpful for drinkers and smokers), adds more oxygen to blood, strengthens immune system, good for hair and skin too. The smoothie vendors need to get their act together and have it as an option at the Fest.

I had to call off of work on Tuesday because I was so sick. Almost two weeks later and I’m still full of green snot. But if that’s the price I have to pay for TP camping, I’ll gladly pay it.

YES@! Green Snot!@ That’s where I am! Mucinex is my friend

oh honey you’re just coughing cuz you’re OLD! ha ha you know I love you so I can get away with this. And I TOLD ya’ll, get some Body Balance from me! No hangovers, no colds, no worries, good chit. I came back home with almost as much as I went with, too bad.