Anybody heard of Sol Chase- 13-Year-Old Picker from Telluride?

Anybody out there heard of Sol? He’s often playing all over Telluride during Bluegrass- and most other times of the year when it’s warm enough to play music out of doors. He’s pretty amazing, writes his own tunes, just released an EP on Itunes, too. His songwriting is pretty impressive- not to mention that he’s only 13. Check him out here:

Last year he played a ‘tweener on the Main Stage and he always plays a shit-hot set by the Post Office every night when the festival lets out- just past the Will Call. SO ROCKIN’ Below is a video clip from one of his post-festival performances. You should try and catch him this year if you can!

Happy Bluegrass, everyone!

Sol is awesome! What a fixture at Telluride.

:thumbsup Saw him several times in TP’s “latenightgrass” last year! He was rockin’ the road every night. Kid lights it up. Cool tweener too.

And when he’s not pickin’ in the park you can find him peddling “BLUEGRASS” license plates.

Apparently he quit the license plate peddling several years ago after being asked nicely by staff… It’s full time pickin’ for him these days. He’s really fun to pick with. Anybody checked out his album?

Haven’t heard the new album, but I’ve seen him play all over TP the past few years. He is definitely an impressive talent for his age.

You can also find Sol at Yonder’s kick-off show most years, down front, mando in hand, playing along with the band! :lol

We Love Sol!!! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

I remember this kid…fantastic stuff. Gonna be a realllllly good one someday.

:wave I heard his originals last summer in T-ride, during Phish weekend. Really impressive, not just for a kid, for anyone. I hope he is around at Bluegrass. Peace!