Anybody going to the NON-Fest?

I’m seriously considering cruising up to Telluride that weekend. Not sure if Town Park is open, or even if any hotels are, but it would be kinda fun to be up there, maybe jam around a campfire, wake up to a beautiful mountain morning, do a couple day hikes…

I think if I go I should be able to count this as my 20th TBF in a row.

Was thinking the same thing. I’d be willing to bet there’s a festivarian or two :cheers that may be there. Alas, on call that week :mad. thinking of heading down the next week for a few days. I believe TP is open, but spots are filling fast

Campground is reservation only and is full during that time.

On one hand it would be nice, on the other it would sad to be constantly reminded.

Maybe the Albuquerque contingent can find an alternate location for a camping trip sometime this summer.

Yeah, it’s kind of weird to walk through the empty campground lately and think about Bluegrass. I normally head up Bear Creek that way, but as soon as I’m on my way I become enmeshed within the immediate surroundings of the hike. On a related note: I’ve had a difficult time watching all of these “live streams” (of past shows); many of which I’ve been to, but that feeling of “missing out” only lasts for the first few minutes or so until I get lost in the show.

This was going to be my first fest… but I’m headed to the campground anyway. Have reservations for Saturday and Sunday night!
I know it will be sad not having Bluegrass, but spending Summer Solstice in Telluride will be meaningful.

In honour of Tropical Tuesday, I am going outside and having a drink. Feel free to join me, if not in person, then in spirit, :cheers

I’m there, just drinking a lovely gin & tonic after a walk on the beach, cheers big ears ( a classic Australian saying)

It’s Wednesday. Time for some rumballs. :cheers

Some hotels and many condo’s are available this weekend (condo’s at discounted prices).


Saw this iris up on Lizard Head Pass yesterday … only a couple hundred yards from the Lizardhead trailhead. I imagine they’ll be back next year around the solstice & some festivarians can stop to check them out on your way to or from the festival!

It was about 7pm when I got back to my car from hike up to Wilson Meadows … and couldn’t escape the thought of how I’d normally be in the festival at that very moment … catching the last notes of the weekend.

I love hiking around Wilson Meadows. Had an amazing experience there my first TBF.

It’s a definitely a cool spot for sure! … even in spite of noise from highway on first part.

Saw someone else post a picture of an iris on FB, but I think it was from Hastings Mesa.

Still, remembered this from last year … so might go and check it out again.

It’s really easy to do for those of you coming from the Rico direction … trail is at the top of Lizard Head Pass parking area and heads north / north east. Iris’ are only 100 yards or so up.