Any Suggestions?

We are coming in from Iowa and see that there are a number of routes that we can take. Was wondering if anyone from this area has any advice on the best route to take down there.

I-25 to 285 south, to 50 west, then south to Tride :slight_smile:

Shortest distance possible as the pay off is where you end up!

Wherever you go, there you are!

I have driven from IA to CO and we always go through Nebraska…its not the most scenic route so bring good tunes…which I’m sure you have set!

I’m from Story City, north of Ames, you?

I am also coming from Iowa, does anybody know of any construction that can be avoided? I know I-80 in Nebraska can be pretty painful when you are stuck on a 1 way construction zone for 40 minutes! should have info on CO road construction :cheers