Any Santa Cruz area folks on the forum?

If so, I would love to get your take on Santa Cruz. PM when you can.


Not from there but just drove through a few times in the last month. Huge homeless population with the attendant violent crime and drugs. Camped out pretty much wherever they choose and the city enables them big time.

Sky high housing costs and very low supply. Many people choose to live in Ben Lomond or Boulder Creek but those areas have high fire danger.

Fires were very severe last year and burned areas surround the town.

Beautiful beaches of course and close to Big Sur and the San Mateo County coast.

Lots of pluses and some big minuses.

Whoa - thanks for that perspective.

More info can be found at:

Local newspaper:

Nearby towns of Aptos and Capitola are nice. Traffic is bad on highway 1 and Highway 17 so commutes are rough.

Were you offered a job there?