Any Sam Bush fans on the forum? New CD out soon!

What’s up everyone? :wave

Just wanted to know if there were any other fans on here of the bluegrass legend Sam Bush:) Actually, his new album “Circles Around Me” comes out next Tuesday, Oct. 20th! I pre-ordered mine already and I can’t wait! Let me know if you’re out there!

Hey :wave,

I’ve heard of him - is he any good?


nice pitch…could have skipped the “are there any fans” part, though…


I’m really looking forward to hearing this. :headphones

I pre-ordered mine last week at :cheers

:woohoo Just ordered mine!!! :flower

Wasn’t he part of Led Zeppelin?

I think I may have seen him before, maybe even at Telluride in a 4th of July parade.
Something about Men without Rhythm or some sort of nonsense goofball antics. :eek

:thumbsup you should have been listening to my radio show this last 4 weeks… :evil


@BillyBeru Sam is an amazing player! You should definitely check him out and listen to a few of his tracks.

He was recently awarded the Americana Music Association Lifetime Achievement Award.

I’ve never heard of him. He must be new. Do you think Planet Bluegrass might get him to play one of their festivals next year?

Love the spandex he wore last year…Love everything about him cept that thing on the left side of his mustach. :flower :festivarian :love

Yup, played bass in Led Zeppelin. Now he plays bass in Uncle Earl.


I knew it… I told you how I could be your Digital Archivist. You can avoid disasters and being doomed to failure like this guy Sam. Let me quote myself from my Sept 14, 2009 post in this section, “Put an end to the rumor mills, mysteries, and spins – and take charge of your own history. You have full control. You manage your biographical content, and how your information gets digitally transferred to the internet. I am the Digital Archivist. I can make it happen for you.”

Geeeeeezzzzzzzzz, look what happened this guy. Sam who?

Bummer I knew it Jerry. I missed out, but I do have a CD on the way…

:medal HOTDOG! :medal

Hey Monte (Sugaree) can I get a copy of that Woodstock tape you’re listening to?
That Sam guy must’ve been some back-up player or something. :thumbsup

Hey, there really is a guy in his 50s named Sam. He plays some decent mandolin, a little bit of fiddle, some guitar, and he uses a slide thingy playin’ his mando-dobro. And he sings a few songs. Okay, seriously… Sam, more than any musician I know about these days, continues to honor and perpetuate John Hartford’s influence and his legendary musical style.

When all of us got together at Bickel’s place in Louisville this past December 2008, I was fixated on being sure to ask Sam Bush and Tony Rice one simple question. And I did. I asked each of them, “Did you ever play with The Grateful Dead?” Sam told me he never did. But Tony told me he played with Jerry Garcia and David Grisman together on a recording project. It has been rumored numerous times by many Dead-heads that some of Jer’s fav and most happy experiences were while he was playing with The Dawg. Sharing this with Tony was a pure gift for me.

Jimi Hendrix and The Grateful Dead “almost” shared the stage together. I’ve read comments about how they came close and it almost happened a few times. The rumor mills include not only these factual details, but they also describe a few Dead recordings with “hints of sounds” - like that of Jimi playing - when Hendrix was actually in town at the time Grateful Dead was performing. But they never shared the stage together.

So this brings me back to Cindy’s comment. Can I get you the next best thing to the Woodstock fantasy? Here’s a stand-out recording of Sam playing with String Cheese Incident at Merlefest 2000. Jimbo’s comments, “[i]This set was the second of three that SCI played at their first (and only to date) Merlefest. It was played at about 1PM during a pouring rainstorm. It didn’t seem to stop the action and to this date remains probably the single best set of SCI I’ve had the honor to witness.”

“This DSBD [digital soundboard recording] surfaced a little while back. Merlefest is a notoriously non-taping festival, to the extent that when JonO extended a patch [soundboard feed for the Taper to record] at the Main Stage on 4/27, festival authorities made him pull it back. It is essentially flawless, aside from a few spots of static here and there which are minor, but should be noted. I would assume they are related to the miserable weather that was happening.”[/i]

I ran across this recording on the Live Music Archive a few years ago. I mentioned it on this forum. At that time, the files transferred to The Internet Archive for this show were lossless audio only - for collectors and purists. I just noticed this show has been upped again by someone else, and this time the transfer has the derivative files created. This means “now I can easily share it with you.”

Look, I view Sam’s countless on-stage live performances as simply as I view Jerry Garcia’s. These 2 guys are my favorite musicians when it comes to brilliant energy, incredible jams and improvisations, singing souful vocals, and playing sweet music. Not to mention, both men are legendary pioneers. There is no “best.” They both have a “main” band, side bands and side gigs, several notable “periods” during their long and distinguished musical careers, and they are best known for their many on-stage appearances with all kinds of bands. I look at the whole body of their work. Both artists have countless recordings that circulate on the internet — recordings of them performing live on-stage — over a 30 to 40 year era. I enjoy listening to some of their stand-outs - plus, I enjoy listening to my personal favorites. That’s why I mention this tape.

String Cheese Incident w/ Sam Bush
Merlefest (Hillside Stage)
Wilkesboro, NC
April 28, 2000

Source: DSBD
Lineage: Sony D8 > Delta DiO 24/96 > Soundforge 4.5 > CD Wave > mkwACT
Transferred by: Jim Pollock

audio stream
web page on The Archive

San Jose
Steampowered Aeroplane > Jam >
Round the Wheel >
One Love

Also here on this forum, Festivarians can easily notice how to get the tapes of the Telluride House Band performance - TBF 2009. There’s some magic for you, Cindy. Enjoy.

Here’s the Jimi Hendrix miracle “blues” tape on YouTube - “Red House” - Atlanta Pop Festival, 1970.

Amen Monte. Add Johhny C’s vocals and you have my top 3 picks of all time.
I just wish I was not so technologically challenged, or I too would have many of these wonderful recordings to re-live. Thanks!
And BluegrassDawg, we’re really nice folks, and your comment was quite enjoyable if not humorous, hence some of the rather silly remarks.

[center]and, what’s up in NYC? — TONIGHT! — check this out…

[b]Empire State Building to Get Tie-Dye Lighting in Honor of Grateful Dead



I thought that was him. He’s alright :wink:

Jerry Garcia interview
Raddison Hotel, room 1503
St. Paul, Mn.
July 10, 1981

the “taping” question

journalist Greg Harrington asks, “Jerry, not many bands - if any, aside from The Dead, allow people in to tape record their concerts, and it’s something that The Dead have always done. And, what are your feelings along this line? It brings alot of joy to alot of people.

Jerry Garcia, “Well, my feelings are the music is for the people. You know it’s like, ahh, I mean after it leaves our instruments, it’s of no value to us, you know what I mean? It’s like what good is it? So it might as well be taped, my feeling is. And if people enjoy taping it, and enjoy having the tapes to listen to, that’s real great. I can sympathize with it, because I used to do alot of taping myself when I was in bluegrass band. I went out of my way to tape shows and I know what that’s like. And since what we do is live music, I mean thats ahhh…

Greg, “Well I think the tapes really capture the magic of the band.

Jerry, “Well that’s what everybody says. That’s why people tape, you know. I certainly can’t … you can’t fight with that, you know. I don’t understand why people would object, you know. That’s the way I feel about it.

Planet Bluegrass, the Festival bands, and the many performers have proven to the world that they are kind and generous hosts. I recommend becoming a Festivarian, purchasing Sam’s new CD, and purchasing other fine albums by these artists.