Any Public Transportation?

Hello all!

My girlfriend and I are going to be heading to our second Telluride festival. Last year we flew into Moab (because we heard it was beautiful there, and it is) and found a ride on Craigslist from Moab to Telluride the day before we left Seattle to get there. This year we are flying into Montrose and are looking for a ride again.

I looked into taking a train or a bus from Montrose to Telluride, and didn’t have much luck online. We are planning on just winging it again this year and hoping that kharma and the festival gods/godesses will help us out, but I figured I would ask the experts on the forum.

Any thoughts on a good way to get from Montrose to Telluride this Wednesday afternoon, or Thursday? How frowned upon is hitching in these areas?

Thanks so much. Hope you all enjoy the experience this year!

I rode a greyhound into Montrose in 2005 for Blues & Brews with the same ‘wing it’ plan… I got a kynd ride from a really nice tie dye wearin guy within about 10 minutes of trying AND he was heading to Tride for the fest!!

My $.02… You shouldn’t have any trouble finding some friendly folks to give you a lift!

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