Any progress on multiple tarp control?

Missed RG last year. Year before many number holders seemed to show up with tarps for 20 or so of their friends & family. Still the case, or do morning liners have a shot at shade?

Is it multiple tarps you are concerned about, or just those with say larger than average tarps?

Personally, I’ve seen some folks give away a good number or two in favor of just using one number with a larger tarp. Isn’t that more Festivarian friendly?

Just an observation…

Answerguru: Not concerned at all - what is is. Planning. This getting old business is for the birds, but beats the alternatives. We simply can’t handle a lot of sun anymore. I don’t really want to stay up all night to get a number and would prefer to sit in line in the morning. I’ve been reasonably close to the front of the morning line before only to find a few hundred tarps already on the ground and the shade gone when the gates open. Looking to find out if I should plan on staying up at night, or if I have a shot at shade by being early in line in the morning.

someone said it could be rainy this year. so it may not matter at all about shade.
but I hope you get a good spot. :flower

Don’t spread rainy rumors mamatried! It looks like each day is 20% of thunderstorms which is pretty typical for Colorado this time of year…

Yeah, it’s pretty typical to get a small shower for 5 - 10 minutes. That would be perfect! It’s usually a welcome relief since it helps cool things off and settle the dust.