Any other Fiddlers here??

Curious if anyone else here picks the fiddle.
I pick several instruments, but fiddle is my favorite for jam sessions and stage work,
though I’m not in any band at the present.

I’ve got 3 (working) ones, and I gladly go broke keeping them in strings!
Here’s a pic of the back of the middle fiddle I have.
It doesn’t sound as good as the best one, but it looks a LOT nicer. :slight_smile:

Well Yeah, Shit howdy!

I fiddle some too. Also mandolin and guitar. I like to play old time, fiddle tunes, Irish, and contemporary.
Nice looking fiddle you got there. Tell us about it?


I’ve been working on the fiddle a little. Man it is tough. :rolleyes I also hack at the guitar and mando, but would love to get the fiddle going.

hi, i just learned to play the guitar… but i only started it because it was the easiest to learn. I REALLY want to learn to play the fiddle, but like the guitar id have to teach myself, and some people told me that i was a lot harder to do. Any suggestions on whether i should pick it up? or just get better at the guitar? I just really like the fiddle in every song, but im not in a band and would just be playing it for fun… is it a good investment??

I was all gung ho about charging into some fiddle lessons this winter and even checking out Pete Wernicks camp… but I decided that using a hedge trimmer on my left hand would be more fun… I will regain use of my ring finger but it sure did detour my plans.
there are many great places to fiddle in the Denver area. Check out Swallow Hill, there are open jams there and if you live up North, check out Old Town Pickn Parlor for lessons and contacts.
There is nothing like just taking your instrument to Planet Bluegrass festivals though, what magic you can find as you wander from camp to camp experiencing the varying degrees of music magic… and if you feel like joining in you are always welcome!.. how many more days do we have to go???

The fiddle is a difficult instrument, for sure. If you’re thinking about it I would ask “do you like to practice hours on end? Are you patient and able to practice technical tasks slowly, over and over…?”
“Is it a good investment”? In yourself, or the instrument?
I would offer that learning mandolin can be very helpful to a beginning violinist. And for sure a regular lesson. At first you’ll need constant drilling in intonation and posture. It’s really for masochists. If you’re more of a sadist you should get a banjo, or better yet accordion!

Check these guys out! Latin/rock