Any nightgrass rumors?

Anyone heard when Nightgrass shows will be announced? Can’t miss YMSB again!

i think someone posted a while back that Railroad Earth would be part of one of the sheridan shows, though i’m not sure how confirmed that is.

i have also heard – via a different grapevine – that Cornmeal is going to be part of nightgrass, which i assume means they’ll be at the fest as well, though again nothing is official enough there to be confirmed.

If my memory serves me right, I believe the RRE Sheridan was suggested, but not yet confirmed… (Out with it, PBG… Pretty pwease?!)

However, I do happen to know that Cornmeal was just announced to play at High Sierra Music Fest, in northern Cali just two short weeks later (July 4th weekend)… Hmmm, seems like the timing is perfect!! Also, they seemed to really connect with Railroad Earth at last year’s HSMF, so I can definitely see them getting added to the lineup!!
:vibes :vibes :vibes
manifesting them to be added

I really hope cornmeal will play, they kick all ass