any locals want to help a festivarian get phish tix?

i realize this may be inappropriate to post here and if so, please let me know and i’ll delete it.

i’m graduating law school and i have to take the bar at the end of july. this makes it impossible for me to get to bluegrass this year. was hoping to still get my telluride fix by getting down there for the phish shows, as i have a friend who is a huge fan that wants to go. was hoping it’d be a nice “post-bar” fiesta. but we tried and were shut out.

figured i’d ask if anybody knows anything about a ticket or two floating around because i know they released a bunch to locals.

please feel free to respond with jokes too!



Nick -

The locals tickets were sold to only those that could prove that they were residents of San Miguel county. The names were provided along with proof of residency, and those same names mus present ID to pick up the tickets. They will not be allowed to present ID and give the tickets to someone else.

Just and FYI that the locals are not going to be any help to you in your quest for tickets.


I have a question, does anyone have any idea on how strict security will be with the tickethorse paperless tickets?

Such as if I have 2 tickets on my sister’s ID/credit card and have I bother her credit card used for purchase and ID with me, will they give me issues since its not mine? Will they be comparing ID’s against cc’s for those paperless tickets and give me issues since I’m using it instead of her? Just trying to get an idea of expectations on security since I know you have to have a ticket to get into town.


Just for clarification- these are not locals tickets, these are just the general public onsale tickets that are paperless.

bluegrass dustin - thanks! :cheers

i guess i’ll see you all at tbgf 2011, seems too long :frowning:

In general paperless tickets require the physical card or ID from the person who purchased this. I know Hannah Montana did paperless and parents were complaining about having to go sit in line to get the paperless tickets. It was determined that as long as the physical card that purchased the tickets was present they could just drop the kids off and give them the card.

and…I read about the Hannah Montana thing in an article…no…seriously I did!

and.....I read about the Hannah Montana thing in an I did!

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