Any Jams other than Bluegrass

Am Camping in Town Park, and yes it is my first time after a 20 year dream. Are there any Jams or individuals out there doing singer songwriter, 70’s 80’s accoustic around the non-fire campfire. If so would like to hook up with you. Hope this is not Bluegrass heresy. I attempt to play the guitar and harmonica a little bit. Love Niel Young, Dylan, Mellencamp and many others.

Every Established Base Camp has a Pickin’ Tent. You’ll be just fine. Lokkin
forward to hearing you play! :thumbsup

Auntie Hope :pickin

The jam sessions don’t necessarily only play bluegrass, so you should do just fine. :thumbsup

While the subject is brought up. After last years festival, my first one :huh, I just had to get a Banjo. I always wanted a guitar but had my self convinced I couldnt play it. Well I just did it and got a Banjo. Had it about 2-3 months and am a beggining novice on this. Are people easily approachable for advice and a pointer or two. I feel a little intimidated by even bringing the thing.

Don’t be intimidated. Bring it!
There will be a lot of people that will be willing to help out a fellow musician regardless of their ability. :flower

That’s the great thing about Bluegrass, everyone, at any level of playing ability, is welcome to join in the Pickin’ Circle. I think you’ll be amazed at how much you’ve learned by the time you leave FESTIVVVAAALLL!!!

Auntie Hope :pickin

Thanks for the info and looking forward to it. Arriving for the Saturday Land Rush so should be plenty of time to get acquainted and figure things out. I love bluegrass, just don’t play it much. You guys and girls are a great help to a newbie. Again, thanks much

“Am Camping in Town Park, and yes it is my first time after a 20 year dream.”

Wow! You had a dream about this 20 years ago? That’s really cool.

Many a friend of mine bring their respective axes and jam early prefest, as many do. Also, there are breakout sessions right in the tarp-run lines! Which thankfully serenade those that have been in line since the previous day and gives a little entertainment to those that sit for so long next to the Port O Lays and hear another type of waterfall constantly and consistantly other than the one they see lookin up the mountain!

Because the music schedule in fest is so tight and abundant, you’ll find jams in the wee hours of night. Some of these folks have been bringing the kitchen sink and their unique brand of campsite to townpark for many years. You will be amazed at the skill and craft and size of these established camps. I know I was, the first time I saw them many years ago.

Just come and have a ball, you’ll catch on to the scene very quickly!