Any good Banjo instructors in Boulder?

I know there are, but was looking for recomendations. Would like to get some lessons in.

I think you scared them all away with that avitar bubba. :huh


Roach…while he’s not available all the time, I certainly recommend Jayme Stone.

I teach on lien or you can self lear from my site

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This is a great idea, is there a site for Mandolin as well?

There is CHris Elliot from Spring Creek and Jeff Scroggins from the Blue Canyon Boys. Jeff is a Winfield banjo champion and lives in Albequrque but comes to the Boulder area quite often.

Chris Elliott from Spring Creek is a Banjo instructor at The Pickin Parlor in Arvada, give The Pickin Parlor a call.Chris was the Rocky Grass Banjo Champion 2007 go to the Bands web site

Wilson Harwood in boulder