Any Austin pickers or festivarians heading to 41st Telluride?

:)Put the callout for any Austin picker or festivarians who are heading to Telluride in June… Stand up and be counted. :wave

Yo! This will be my first time to Telluride Bluegrass Fest. I went to Telluride Blue and Brews this year and man is that place beautiful!

HA. I just realized this post was from 2014. But I’m still really excited!

Still ALIVE just swap this to 45th!
I can tell you that it is like nothing you’ve experienced before you’re going to have a blast.
Welcome Festivarian
And bump if you know anyone that has two additional town park passes please keep us in the loop

Viva Las Camp Tunetown!!

:cheers heres to the 45th

How about it :wave any one out here heading to Telluride this year?