Another Parking Question

Hi folks … I’m not having any luck finding a camping and vehicle pass on the ticket exchange threads. So I’m wondering, can I just stay overnight in my van in the Farm parking lot? Definitely won’t be as much fun, but … are there any rules against this?
(still hoping for the elusive camping and vehicle passes - just one for little ol’ me!)

Not without a Vehicle or RV pass. There are LaVern Camping tickets still available, is it not feasible to get one of those and throw down a tent?

Thanks. I meant in the regular old parking lot, not at one of the campsites. As an old lady, I like having a bit more around and under me than a tent. But I will check again for Laverne, I didn’t see anything available last time I looked.

Well, that’s weird! When I clicked thru the “get tickets” link on the Rockygrass page, there was no option to buy one. Thanks!

cool … I got my camping pass - thanks for the working link! Would still love a vehicle pass if anyone has one available!