Another Connecticut mandolin player!!

Hello from Wallingford, CT!!

I attend a monthly Jam in Bethany that is attended by some really great folks in a private home…if you want to know more......""

I’m a forty-year veteran of the acoustic guitar, and only started playing the mandolin in 2006. I’ve owned about 8 mandolins (all F-style) and I’ve whittled the batch down to two. Could never afford the Gibson models, but have had really great luck with Pac-Rims.

Married 31+ years, with two grown daughters (their husbands in tow), and two grandsons, I’m a busy guy these days, but manage to get in 1/2 hour of practice every day.

I’ve been through the mill with the various well-known mandolin forums on the web and frankly am looking around for a change. After 1700 + posts in some of them, I’ve learned that it’s valuable to talk to different folks now and then.

-Plectrum Squeezer