Another Camping Question

Help a newbie out! I have read and re-read all the info on the Planet Bluegrass site, but it hasn’t answered my question.
So - tent camping at LaVerne.
I get the whole procedure about going in and putting your tarp down at 9:30 am. I know we have to walk in to do this.
But what happens from there? Are we able to drive in and drop off all our gear, even if we don’t have a vehicle pass?
What’s the procedure once you put your tarp down?

Thanks for the help!

Yes you can drive in to unload and then go park elsewhere if you do not have a vehicle pass. After you put your tarp down and get your stuff dropped off and parked, then you can set up camp and enjoy. Have a blast!

Thank you!
But to clarify - at first, we are just walking in to put down a tarp, then can drive the gear in later in the day, correct?

Yes, that won’t be a problem. I’d recommend putting more than just a tarp down. If you have 2+ people, have the speedy one take just the tarp, and then bring some chairs, a tent, or any weight to keep it in place and mark it as your spot. Winds and accidental neighborly foot placement have a tendency to lift your tarp from where you place it. Especially if you’re hoping for a spot closer to the river.

Thanks, good info. Unfortunately, it’s just me doing it myself, and I am far from speedy.

Next question - if I don’t get there till late afternoon, do I even have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting a reasonably decent spot?

If your onsite camping behind the stage can you enter the festival from that camp ground each day?
If so, do they do a separate lottery?