Another 2010 lineup addition: Ben Sollee

One of the many highlights of the gorgeous Sparrow Quartet set at the 2007 Telluride Bluegrass Festival was the song “Bury Me With My Car” featuring cellist Ben Sollee. Here was a cello player who sang with a rich soulful Kentucky tenor and put on a thumb pick to strum his cello when the rhythms moved him.

Ben has released several wonderful solo albums since then, including a fine new one with Daniel Martin Moore which you can listen to here:

Last August his set on the Folks Fest stage was one of the most moving sets of the weekend - singing gorgeous folk-pop songs, interspersed with Appalachian fiddle tunes and Bach cello suites. Fun, lively, virtuosic, and deeply moving. We’re so excited to welcome Ben back to Telluride this June…

If you’ve never heard Ben give this video a spin:

Man you guys know how to make this girl smile!! I love it! :medal Cello rules! :festivarian

Will that wicked awesome guitar picker be with him too?

Just saw this gem of a video on youtube.

Any chance Casey Driessen is going to be around too? And if so, can we see a workshop or tweener? :cheers

Casey has been traveling with Bela quite a bit lately, so there is a slight chance! Nothing confirm-able!

Auntie Hope :festivarian2 :green

After listening to Ben’s “Dear Companion” album for about the 10th time, I feel the need to bump this thread. If you haven’t checked it out yet, do yourself a favor. Seriously great stuff. Here’s a free stream:

If you start with “Try” or “Only a Song” you will definitely be hooked.

YUM. :flower
You guys sure know how to make a girl not want to work.

Thanks it feels like Friday :cheers